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Welcome to my blog...

Tummy tuck surgery consultHello, That's it! The day has come when I start my blog. Even though the Internet is overloaded with information, I have strong faith and hope that the information I plan to publish here will be valuable to a few of people, and will thus attract a large number of regular readers! But one by one...

My name is Nina Manduk-Czyżyk. For 15 years I have been working as a medical consultant specializing mainly in plastic surgery. My blog will therefore reflect my professional experience gained during several years of work. During this time, I have come into contact with many patients. Each patient is a different story, a different problem, although similar considerations, similar fears. Every patient is also a great joy after a successful procedure, and for me great satisfaction that I helped another person to change their life a little bit, their perception of themselves, of the surrounding world. That's why I think any successful surgery in plastic surgery is a change no only on a physical level, but also on a mental level.

On my blog I'd like to describe not individual cases, but the most common problems, dilemmas, that those considering plastic surgery have. I will describe what decisions they must to take up, what consequences this may have, what needs to be taken into account, etc. I will try to also disprove a few myths about plastic surgery, and believe me, there are a lot of them.

I encourage you to read my posts, to comment on them, to send questions and topics for further posts.

Besides this blog you can also find me on Facebook:

Nina Manduk-Czyżyk

What is a stay at the clinic like?

What is a stay at the clinic like Very often patients ask me to describe the day of the surgery. This is crucial, as it allows me to help the patient to tame the unknown and feel more confident. Upon arriving at the clinic to have a treatment, each patent knows exactly how to prepare. Every person that decides to get the treatment is given instructions and medical advice beforehand.

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Your stay in the clinic

Your stay in the clinic

After the surgery, we wake up in our room, usually not remembering much. Patients are usually sleepy and some time must go by before full consciousness returns. During that time the best thing to do it to allow our body to rest. Right after waking up patients do often feel hungry and thirsty, but we are still not allowed to eat or drink and we need to wait for the opinion of a nurse or the doctor.

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What to take to the clinic when getting ready for the surgery?

What to take to the clinic when getting ready for the surgery?

One of the most common questions (and so obvious for a woman) is: What to take to clinic with me?

When getting ready for treatment it is very important to remember how we will be feeling after leaving the clinic. So it is important to bring comfortable, loose clothing. Also, even though it is commonly known that our bodies look their best in high heels, it is not recommended to wear high heels right after the surgery. It is best to wear sport shoes or flat shoes, in which our movement will not be restricted.

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How to choose a plastic surgeon?

How to choose a plastic surgeon

It is a big and difficult decision to make when you deciding to have a plastic surgery. After confirming our devotion to having a surgery, one of the most crucial ones is choosing your plastic surgeon. I would like to share with my readers my opinions on this subject.

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