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We are very pleased to announce that Polish boarders are now open and our clinic is ready to host you. We are taking bookings from June 2020 onwards. We would like to assure you that our work, appointments and procedures are carried out with the greatest care and all safety precautions.

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Breast enlargement under 18. Is it possible?

Is it possible to have breast augmentation surgery being under 18? The answer is "it depends".

"NO" if the United Kingdom is considered where law does not admit to have such a surgery even if parents' assent is present. But "YES" you can have your breasts done if you come to Poland, although you have to come with your parents and they have to give their assent on paper.

Personally we are against under 18 cosmetic surgery. Going under a knife has to be thoughtful and mature decision. On the other side one must admit that there are some cases when surgery can be beneficial for under 18. Regardless of circumstances the decision should be consulted not only with patient's GP but also with psychologist.

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