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Obesity treatments available with MediConsult


Gastric balloons are a very common obesity procedure among our patients. A big advantage of a gastric balloon is that the procedure is reversible and a balloon can be removed anytime.

There are two types of balloons available:

  • BIB balloon for 6 months
  • and Orbera 365 balloon for 1 year

A balloon is implemented into patient's stomach under endoscopic equipment in the local anaesthesia. A gastric balloon treatment does not require overnight stay but a patient is obliged to be collected from the clinic by a companion.

Gastric balloon treatment is only a tool to help in weight lost. Patient receives a special diet to follow. After 6 months or 1 year a patient is obliged to come back to have a balloon removed.


This method involves stomach stitching under endoscopic equipment. The procedure is performed under generel anaesthesia and requires up to 2 nights stay in the clinic. Stitches stay in patients stomach for around 5 years. After the time they dissolve. Before the surgery the patient needs to undergo abdominal ultrasound scan, gastroscopy and blood examinations (including blood type). Patients after OverStitch procedure receive a very strict diet to follow. Results in case of OverStitch method are very satisfactory.

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