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For the residents of the UK and Ireland: now the best option for travelling to our clinic is to fly to Berlin. We organise transportation from the Berlin airport directly to our clinic. If you are vaccinated and have Covid test no quarantine is required. We also take care of all the necessary covid-related medical tests. We make every effort to ensure that your stay at the clinic is safe and stress-free. The clinic staff is fully vaccinated. In 2021, we did not have any case of covid among our staff nor patients.

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Lip Enhancement - PermaLip®

Lip enhancement is a very popular surgery performed worldwide. Lips can be enhancement using a special filler that will create a new shape. Lip filler is a temporary solution, as after a few months the filler is being absorbed by patient's body.

If you are looking for more permanent, but still safe method, you can consider lips implants. We offer „PermaLip Implant” procedure (patented by American company „SurgiSil”). The procedure does not require repeated treatments and is permanent. Nevertheless, if you wish so, the implant can be removed anytime or replaced with smaller or bigger size. The implant is made out of soft solid silicone, has undergone extensive testing and is fully approved in Europe.

Permalip - lip enhancement with implants!

Taking into consideration your expectations, your doctor advices the size during direct consultation. The procedure takes around 30 minutes and is performed under local anaesthesia, it does not require hospitalisation. Soon after the procedure you can come back home or a hotel. The procedure leaves no scarring as small incisions are made inside the corners of the lips, through the incisions the implant is inserted. After the procedure you should take a lot of rest and the next day after the procedure you can start to perform daily activities.

Interested in the Permalip® procedure? Contact us! We offer a free consultation by our plastic surgeon.

You should remember that each procedure carries risks and uncertainty. Sometimes however, even properly performed operation can cause side effects during or after the procedure. They include bruising and hematomas, which usually heal within 1-2 weeks, the unbalanced position of the implant in the lip, which requires adjustment, impaired wound healing after a surgery, which in extreme cases may require removal of the implant.

Preparation for the procedure:

During two weeks before the procedure avoid aspirin, paracethamol, garlic, Vitamin E and Omega3. Equip yourself with Vaseline, cream or ointment, which will moisturize your mouth after the surgery. Buy at pharmacy 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Prepare the gel packs or the ice cubes, which you'll be doing a cold compresses after the surgery. Do not smoke cigarettes.

On the day of the procedure:

Wash your face, do not apply makeup. Do not smoke cigarettes.

After the surgery:

Do not drive your car. The rest of the day after the procedure take a lot of rest. Sleep with your head held higher.

The next day after the procedure, you can come back to your daily activities.

The first week/ two after the procedure:

  • Take a cold compress to the mouth for 24-48 hours after the procedure.
  • Take prescribed by your doctor an antibiotic and Heviran.
  • During 1-2 weeks after the procedure avoid vigorous physical activity.
  • Over 48 hours after the procedure accept food or soft consistency not requiring heavy chewing. Avoid sharp and savoury dishes.
  • Do not smoke cigarettes.
  • Avoid opening the mouth wide.
  • Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after meals.
  • Moisturize lips with creams or Vaseline.