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Tummy tuck - post operative recommendations

During first two weeks after the surgery please change dressing every second day (please treat the incision with hydrogen peroxide and salicyl alcohol and then rub antibiotic ointment Betadine or Nitrofurazin into the incision).

  • We recommend change of dressing in sterile out-patients’ clinic.
  • During first 6 weeks after the surgery please wear an elastic garment.
  • You received a prescription to:
    • painkiller called Ketonal (in case of pain),
    • antibiotic ointment (Betadine or Nitrofurazin).
  • During first 3 weeks after the operation you cannot do any heavy works, even vacuuming.
  • During first 6 weeks you cannot do any exercises, e.g.: aerobic, fitness, swimming, etc.
  • During 6 months after the surgery sauna, solarium, sunbathing is forbidden.
  • In case of soluble stitches they will dissolve within about 2 months. In case of insoluble stitches you should remove them 14 days after the surgery.
  • 3 weeks after the surgery we recommend treating the incision with Dermatix ointment (twice a day).