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For the residents of the UK and Ireland: now the best option for travelling to our clinic is to fly to Berlin. We organise transportation from the Berlin airport directly to our clinic. If you are vaccinated and have Covid test no quarantine is required. We also take care of all the necessary covid-related medical tests. We make every effort to ensure that your stay at the clinic is safe and stress-free. The clinic staff is fully vaccinated. In 2021, we did not have any case of covid among our staff nor patients.

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Our Team

Dr. Andrzej Dmytrzak MD, PhD

Specialist in Plastic Surgery Chief Plastic Surgeon in our clinic
  • Certified plastic surgeon with over twenty years of professional experience
  • Member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of the Milan School of Oncology and Reconstructive Breast Surgery
  • Member of the French Society of Plastic Surgery
  • Member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
  • Member of the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)
  • Member of the European Academy of Esthetic
  • Member of the European School of Oncology
  • Broadens his professional knowledge participating in international symposia organized for plastic surgeons in Italy, Spain, France, Austria, the USA and Brazil
  • Has the consultancy offices in Germany and Poland

Dr. Andrzej Dmytrzak constantly broadens his professional knowledge by participating in many international symposia, conferences and courses organized for plastic surgeons in Italy, Spain, France, Austria, USA, Brazil, Poland and other coutries. Since year 2000 Dr. Dmytrzak participated in the following educational events:

  • 2018 Paris France, Masterclass in Advanced Facial Rejuvenation by Claude LW Louran
  • 2018 Marbella Spain, 6th Live Surgery Course
  • 2018 Gardone Riviera Italy, XV Edition of BBB Bottis' Best Breast
  • 2018 Gardone Riviera Italy, The Big Challenge - The War of the Noses, Bottis' Congress
  • 2018 Bergamo Italy, Dr Enrico Robotti Course
  • 2017 Miami USA, 51st Annual Baker Gordon Symposium on Cosmetic SUrgery
  • 2017 Milano Italy, 9th International Biennale Milano Masterclass
  • 2017 Milano Italy, Blepharoplasty and Periorbital Aesthetic Surgery: Plastic and Okuloplastic Point of View
  • 2017 Lyon France, 7th Body Lift Course
  • 2017 Gardone Riviera- Salo Italy, The Annual Villa Bella Clinic Aesthetic Symposium
  • 2017 Gardone Italy, World Symposium on Ergonomic Implants
  • 2017 Milano Italy, Non Invasive Face Procedures Course
  • 2017 Vienna Austria, Anatomical-Surgical-Training of the Face
  • 2017 New York USA, Advanced Rejuvenation of the Face, Breast & Body Symposium
  • 2016 Florence Italy, ISAPS Symposium: What's New in Aesthetic Surgery
  • 2016 Gardone Riviera Italy, Bottis' Best Breast Course
  • 2016 Paris France, 5th Annual Meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe
  • 2016 Gardone Riviera Italy, Breasts implants problems Congres
  • 2016 Brussels, Controversies, CATTBAS III: Art and Technology in Breast and Body Contouring Aesthetic Surgery
  • 2016 Milano Italy, Body Contouring Meeting
  • 2016 New York USA, Cutting Edge Symposium
  • 2016 Milano Italy , MBN Aesthetic Breast Meeting
  • 2015 Duesseldorf Germany (IBSD), 3rd International Breast Symposium
  • 2015 Amsterdam Netherlands, Experts Meeting, MENTOR
  • 2015 Gardone Riviera Italy, FACE Facial Ageing Contour Enhancement Congres
  • 2015 Gandawa Belgium, Catfas V Course
  • 2015 Munich Germany, 5th International Symposium of Plastic Surgery
  • 2014 63rd Italian Congres of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstruction Surgery SICPRE
  • 2014 Milano Italy, Women's Intimate Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
  • 2014 Milano Italy, 6th European Symposium Aesthetic Surgery of Breast
  • 2014 Viena, Austria: Postgraduate Anatomical Surgical Training Vienna, Hands-on Courses
  • 2014 Salo, Italy: 9th International Plastic Surgery Course
  • 2013 Salo, Italy: 8th International Plastic Aesthetic Surgery Course “Update in Aesthetic Surgery of the Face"
  • 2012 Millano, Italy: Open Rhinoplasty
  • 2012 Warsaw, Poland: XII Intenational Medical Aestethic and Anti-Aging Congres
  • 2012 Geneva, Switzerland: 21st Congress of ISAPS
  • 2012 Milano, Italy: Gluteoplasty
  • 2012 Milano, Italy: Septum Based Mammaplasty
  • 2011 New York, USA: The Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium
  • 2011 Madrid, Spain: Madrid Course in Aesthetic Surgery
  • 2011 Milano, Italy: Fat Injection and Tissue Regenaration
  • 2011 New York, USA: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery/Anti Aging Medicine: The Next Generation Symposium
  • 2011 Madrid, Spain: Madrid Course in Aesthetic Surgery
  • 2010 Barcelona, Spain: 8th International Course Advances in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
  • 2010 Gent, Belgium: Controversies, Art & Technology in Facial Aesthetic Surgery III
  • 2009 Madrid, Spain: International Course on Breast Reshaping
  • 2009 Milano, Italy: Body Contouring Surgery: Brachioplasty and Inner Thigh Lift
  • 2009 Milano, Italy: Fat Injection and Tissue regeneration: New Frontiers
  • 2009 Stockholm, Sweden: Beauty Through Science
  • 2009 Milano, Italy: Rejuvenation of the Face: State of the Art
  • 2008 New York, USA: Advances in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: The Cutting Edge VII
  • 2008 London, The United Kingdom: Macrolane
  • 2008 Las Vegas, USA: Facial Cosmetic Surgery
  • 2008 Milano, Italy: What is New with Botulinum Toxin and Fillers
  • 2007 New York, USA: Aesthetic Surgery of the Aging Face
  • 2007 Milano, Italy: Mastoplastica Riduttiva con Tecnica Verticale: La Mia Esperienza Personale
  • 2007 Gent, Belgium: Controversies, Art & Technology in Facial Aesthetic Surgery II
  • 2007 Milano , Italy: L'iniezione di grasso - Verso la medicina rigenerativa
  • 2007 Milano , Italy: Rinoplastica: Tecniche attuali. Trattamento chirurgico dell'emicrania
  • 2007 Milano, Italy: MACS-Lift: Ritidectomia con incisioni brevi
  • 2006 Milano, Italy: Breast cancer: oncologic and reconstructive surgery
  • 2005 Milano, Italy: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Breas
  • 2005 Chicago, USA: Rhinoplasty
  • 2005 Berlin, Germany: 1st International Workshop on Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction by Micro Fat Grafting
  • 2004 Milano, Italy: Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast
  • 2004 Vienna, Austria: Breast Reconstruction Symposium - Becker Workshop
  • 2004 Vallauris, France: State of the Art
  • 2004 Milano, Italy: Ringiovanimento Peri-Orbitario: Lifting Sopracciliare, Blefaroplastica Sebbin Laboratoires
  • 2003 Graz, Austria: 5th Grazer Workshop of Plastic Surgery
  • 2002 Milano, Italy: Ricostruzione Mammaria con Lembio di Retto Abdominale
  • 2002 Bonn, Germany: Face Lift Giants
  • 2002 Graz, Austria: 6th Grazer Workshop of Plastic Surgery
  • 2001 Vienna, Austria: Aesthetic Breastsurgery
  • 2001 Paris, France: Societe Francaise de Chirurgie Esthetique
  • 2000 Vienna, Austria: Advanced Techniques in Periorbital RejuvenationA

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