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Liposuction procedure

Liposuction (also called Lipoplasty) is a body shaping procedure. It involves removing excess of fat tissue which slims, reshapes and improves body contours. Liposuction surgery abroad in Poland The best candidates for the procedure are healthy men who have a firm and elastic skin but their body has disproportionate contours because of wrong located fat tissue. The procedure is performed in general anaesthesia. In case of some small amounts of fat tissue and body area it can be performed under local anaesthesia but it happens very rarely. Liposuction involves small incisions, infusion of a special liquid and then inserting so called cannula to loosen excess fat tissue and finally suct out the fat.

LiposuctionAfter the surgery a patient should stay for at least 1 night in the clinic under medical care. For the first few days majority of patients are significantly swollen and have bruises, feel stiff and sore. The surgery itself is completely without any pain but just after the procedure for first few days patients feel some pain and discomfort which can be controlled by medication. Elastic garment should be worn during first 6 weeks non stop. In a clinic a patient should get instructions how to treat the body after liposuction.

In majority of cases a noticeable difference in the shape of patient’s body is visible quite soon after surgery. However, improvement will become even more apparent after about four to six weeks, when most of the swelling has subsided. It is hard to estimate how long any persistent mild swelling will subside, in some cases it is 3 months, in some other even 6 months. It all depends on individual predispositions of a patient. After 3-6 months the final result is visible.

As a result of a surgery patient receives a better shaped part of the body. It means that thighs are much slimmer, abdomen became more visible or waist is tighter. Certainly during a surgery an additional fat tissue is removed from a body therefore a patient loses kilograms but, and it is very important to note, in fact one should check the results of a liposuction surgery not by weighting oneself but by looking in a mirror.

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Each surgery carries risks, in case of liposuction there is a risk of uneven contours, loose skin, infection, fat or blood clots, bleeding, etc. All risks connected with undergoing the surgery should be discussed with a surgeon during direct assessment.

Liposuction gives visible, long-lasting results, improves our look and enhance self image.