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For the residents of the UK and Ireland: now the best option for travelling to our clinic is to fly to Berlin. We organise transportation from the Berlin airport directly to our clinic. If you are vaccinated and have Covid test no quarantine is required. We also take care of all the necessary covid-related medical tests. We make every effort to ensure that your stay at the clinic is safe and stress-free. The clinic staff is fully vaccinated. In 2021, we did not have any case of covid among our staff nor patients.

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Nose correction (rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty is a nose surgery which improves appearance and proportion of patient’s nose. It can also cNose job surgery abroad in Polandorrect problems with breathing. The best candidates for undergoing the surgery are men after nose injuries, problems with breathing / deviated septum, have disproportions in: nose size, width, profile (for example have hump), tip, nostrils or have nasal asymmetry.

Nose correctionDepending on a patient’s needs during the surgery gristle part or/and bone part of the nose may be corrected. During direct assessment a plastic surgeon makes a decision about the method of performing the surgery. Depending on a complexity of the work to perform, the procedure can be provided under general or local anaesthesia. If the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia a patient can leave the clinic even on the day of the surgery. Whereas in case of general anaesthesia at least 2-3 days stay in the clinic after the surgery is recommended. After the procedure patient has to wear a special bandage which secures the nose (for about 7-10 days after the surgery), also during the surgery plastic surgeon places for first 2-3 days special tampons in the nose.

After the surgery bruising and swelling may occur, it can get worse during first few weeks after the surgery. On the first day after the procedure a patient has to stay in bed with head lifted up. Cold compresses reduce the swellings and hematomas. For the next three months a patient should avoid any kind of injuries, as well as excessive warming (including sauna, sun, solarium) or cooling. Each patient receives detailed information concerning further individual proceedings. The healing of the nose takes even up to one year but the results are long-lasting.

Interested in the nose correction surgery? Contact us! We offer a free consultation by our plastic surgeon.

Each surgery carries a risk. In case of rhinoplasty there is a risk of infection, excessive bleeding, creation of scars and hematomas. Reduction of sensitivity of nose and upper lip is possible, but usually it disappears after several weeks. On the site of bone incisions, the superstructure of bone tissue and excessive bulging of a nose are possible. Each patient is informed about all risks and complications during the direct consultation with a plastic surgeon.

The surgery enhances facial harmony and self-confidence.