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Breast reduction

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is particularly helpful for women who have too significant size of breast. The procedure should be undertaken not only because of aesthetic but particularly because of healthy reasons. Big size of breast can cause physical discomfort – pain in the shoulders, back and neck. The surgery also helps the body look better proportioned.

Breast reduction takes about 2-4 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. During the surgery a plastic surgeon cuts away excess of skin together with some part of breast gland; nipples are also being reduced.

During direct assessment, a plastic surgeon is choosing the best techniques of breast lift for particular patient. Depending on shape and size of breasts, the most common techniques are: so-called incision upside down T letter (round the nipple, vertically down and in natural curve below the breast) or L letter (round the nipple and vertically down). The surgery leaves the patient with visible scars.

After the surgery, a patient should stay in the clinic at least 2 nights. It should be enough to remove drains after that time. During the first week, a patient feels pain and discomfort, which can be controlled by painkillers. During the first 6 weeks it is necessary to wear a special bra, some surgeons recommend also wearing a special band above the breasts. Depending on the surgeon, there can be soluble or dissoluble stitches (dissoluble stitches should be removed after 12 days). In case of office workers, 1 week of work leave is recommended, whereas in case of manual workers, 2 weeks of work leave are recommended. It is normal for the swelling to take even up to a few weeks. Scars will flatten out and lighten in colour within a few months, about 3 weeks after the surgery incision should be treated with special ointments that help to heal the scars and make them whiten.

In the majority of cases, breast reduction harms a breast gland, so there can be no possibility of breastfeeding in the future. A complication can be permanent difference in nipple sensation, bleeding, infection, delay in healing of scars. All risks connected with undergoing the surgery should be discussed with your surgeon during direct assessment.

This kind of operation stops many ailments, relieve the skeleton. Often, it also heals the well-being of the patient, allows happiness and satisfaction from a new, attractive look. It increases self-consciousness and creates an optimistic attitude towards life.

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