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Face lift surgery

Face lift (also known as rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure which reduces visible signs of ageing. It is performed either as a full face lift which involves the face area below the eyes and neck or as just a mini face lift which involves the midface area without the neck. If necessary it can be combined with eyelid surgery and brow lift.

The best candidates for undergoing the procedure are patients who have significant face sagging, loss of muscle tone, loose skin and also excess of fat tissue around midface, jowls and/or neck.

The surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia and requires at least 3 days of stay in the clinic under medical care. The skin incisions are placed above the auricle, within the hairy skin of the temple, then down in front of the ear and behind the auricle, then transverse to the scalp of occiput. Later the skin is being released of the entire cheek and, depending on the conditions, also of the neck. By the parotid gland, the buccal fascia is being shortened, which results in cheek rejuvenation. On the neck, the wide muscle of the neck is being pulled tight, which reduces the neck wrinkles. At the end of the procedure, the excess of skin is being removed, which results in additional evening of the face. At the end of the surgery drains are left in the operated area.

During recovery a lot of rest is recommended to allow fast healing. The patient needs to avoid exercise, sun tanning, sun exposition and use of sauna. Stitches should be removed after 8-12 days, and it can be done in any outpatient clinic or doctor’s office chosen by the family practitioner. Every patient receives an individual information concerning further recovery recommendations at the time of discharge from the clinic.

The procedure gives long-lasting results but it does not stop the ageing process. It makes patient look youthful and gives rested appearance.

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