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Buttock implants surgery

Buttock enlargement with implants is one of the methods of buttocks modelling.

Buttock implants differ significantly from breast implants. Buttock implants are more resistant to pressure, have a strong coating and are filled with hard gel.

During the procedure, the incision is made in the fold between the buttocks. The implants are placed between the large and medium gluteus muscle or fascia to fill the buttocks in the upper or lower part as needed.

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts about 2 hours. After the surgery, the patient must stay in the clinic for at least 3 days. However, the recovery can last 4-6 weeks. For the first week after the surgery, walking should be reduced and sitting excluded. The stitches are taken out after about 10 days.

Scars after the surgery are hidden in the area between the buttock and may be visible for a while until it becomes lighter in color.

The main advantage of buttock enlargement with implants is a long-lasting effect. The procedure shapes the buttocks, enlarges them and raises them. Relatively fast recovery and return to normal lifestyle with boosted self-esteem!

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