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Cosmetic surgery - recovery.

Most of the persons who decide for a plastic surgery is concerned about the recovery period, healing process, and even the condition before the operation. Those fears are understandable and justified, we all work and carry out our duties every day. Unquestionably, the first three days after the operation are the worst, because they are connected directly with pain. The surgery itself does not hurt (it is performed in local or general anaesthesia), but when the anaesthetic agents stop working, the pain shows up. Unfortunately, it is hard to say how strong it hurts. The tolerance for pain differs a lot, and it depends on individual features of each patient. The comforting fact is that the pain is easily controlled by pain killers. Very soon after the surgery the patient is mobilized and starts to walk. The minimum recovery period spent in our clinic is 1-2 days. However, the exact recovery period is specified for each procedure.

The next stage of recovery period is removal of stitches, which takes place depending on the procedure after 7-14 days from the date of surgery. In our clinic we do it for free. After some of the surgeries (like abdominoplasty / tummy tuck, liposuction, breasts surgery) the patient is required to wear a special suppressive uniform on the site of operation, sometimes it is recommended to massage the operated spot for several weeks. We recommend to rest from any kind of work for at least 1 week (in case of white-collar workers) or 2 weeks (in case of physical workers).

For the first several weeks after the procedure the patient is recommended to take special care of himself and to avoid any kind of physical stress (for example weight lifting) as well as immunological stress (catching cold, forcing yourself). Every day the pain will decrease, but other unpleasant symptoms like swelling or bruises may occur. The swelling may remain for 3 to 6 months, and sometimes even up to 1 year (for example after a full rhinoplasty). It all depends on individual features of a patient. In some cases the swelling disappears after 3 months, where in other ones, after the same procedure, after 6 months. There is no rule for that. Several weeks after the procedure (usually after 6 weeks) a patient may start exercising again, slowly at the beginning, not forcing the organism, gradually preparing the body for exertion.

For the next few moths it is forbidden to sunbath, use solar bed or sauna – generally speaking it is recommended to avoid sudden temperature changes, while they have negative influence on wound healing. The wound itself heals up to 1 year. 5 days after removal of stitches it is recommended to use special agents improving the healing process (for example Dermatix cream).

Reassuming, the recovery period depends on individual predispositions of a patient, and depending on the type of procedure it lasts from several weeks up to one year. Each patient has to know that this is the surgeon’s/clinic’s duty to inform the patient about the risk of the operation, risk of anaesthesia and post-operative recommendations. Few weeks have to pass before the patient reaches his former condition, however, all of our patients agree that the advantages of the surgery and beautiful body together with no complexes are worth the experience of post operative recovery.

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