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Prominent ears correction

Correction of prominent ears (otoplasty) is a short, maximum 1 hour procedure. The procedure is performed in local anaesthesia and consists of suitable incision behind the auricle, in order to expose the cartilage. After thinning of the cartilage it is well modeled. The surgeon puts dissoluble stitches and a special dressing. Prominent ears correction abroad in Poland

Prominent ears correctionThe dressing should be worn for 7 days, after the time also stitches are removed and the non-soluble sutures are used.

Performing the procedure in local anaesthesia allows patients to leave the clinic on the day of the surgery. The surgery itself runs without any pain but after the surgery for 2-3 days a patient can feel pain and discomfort in treated area. It can be controlled by painkillers.

It is very important to pay special attention to the reactions of own organism in the first four weeks, although there are no symptoms of previous operation, a patient should avoid extreme atmospheric conditions. A lot of rest is recommended in order to allow fast healing. There is a need also to avoid sun tanning, extensive sun exposure and use of sauna.

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Just like for any other procedure, there is a risk of infection, bleeding, permanent tensions, creation of scars or swelling. Final result of the surgery is visible after about a month.

Short time of procedure, no need of hospitalization, no pain and quick recovery causes, that this operation is often performed in adults and children.