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For the residents of the UK and Ireland: now the best option for travelling to our clinic is to fly to Berlin. We organise transportation from the Berlin airport directly to our clinic. If you are vaccinated and have Covid test no quarantine is required. We also take care of all the necessary covid-related medical tests. We make every effort to ensure that your stay at the clinic is safe and stress-free. The clinic staff is fully vaccinated. In 2021, we did not have any case of covid among our staff nor patients.

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Facelift surgery abroad

Face lift (also known as rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure which improves visible signs of ageing. It is performed either as full face lift which involves face area below eyes and neck or as just mini face lift which involves midface area without neck.Facelift surgery abroad in Poland If necessary it can be combined with eyelids surgery and brow lift.

Facelift surgery abroadThe best candidates for undergoing the procedure are patients who have significant sagging, loss of muscle tone, loose skin and also excess of fat tissue in the area of midface, jowls and/or neck.

The surgery is provided under general anaesthesia and requires at least 3 days of stay in the clinic under medical care. The skin is being cut above the auricle, within the hairy skin of the temple, then down in front of the ear and behind the auricle up, then transverse to the scalp of occiput. Later the skin is being released of the entire cheek and depending on the conditions, also of the neck. By the parotid gland the buccal fascia is being shorten, which results in cheek rejuvenation. On the neck the wide muscle of the neck is being pulled tight, which reduces the neck wrinkles. At the end of the procedure the excess of skin is being removed through cutting off, which results in additional evening of the face. Also drains are installed in order to control the bleeding.

Interested in the facelift surgery? Contact us! We offer a free consultation by our plastic surgeon.

It is very important to pay special attention to the reactions of own organism in the first few weeks. Although there is no pain or other symptoms of operation, a patient should avoid extreme atmospheric conditions, draughts and excessive physical overexertion. A lot of rest is recommended in order to allow fast healing. A patient needs to avoid sun tanning, extensive sun exposition and use of sauna. According to the recommendations of the plastic surgeon, stitches should be removed after 7-10 days and it can be done in any outpatients clinic or doctor’s office chosen by family practitioner, The dressing is usually used for 10 days. Each of our patients receive more individual information concerning further procedures at the discharge from the clinic.

The procedure does not stop process of aging but it delays it and is long-lasting. It makes patient look youthful and give rested appearance.