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We are very pleased to announce that Polish boarders are now open and our clinic is ready to host you. We are taking bookings from June 2020 onwards. We would like to assure you that our work, appointments and procedures are carried out with the greatest care and all safety precautions.

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Medical Travel Insurance with MediConsult

Medical Travel Shield

The clinic as well as every member of medical team has a very wide and expensive insurance. If you are looking for an insurance for you, you may find Medical Travel Shield offer interesting.

Medical Travel Shield is a single trip travel insurance that has been created specially for those who chose to travel abroad for medical procedures. Most travel or holiday insurance policies will contain an exclusion to their cover that states; if the policy holder is travelling with the intention of seeking or undergoing medical advice, treatment or procedure, then the entire policy is void. This means that many people travel with inadequate insurance, or no insurance at all. Medical Travel Shield will provide you with standard travel insurance expectations, as well as additional benefits relating to your procedure. Travelling patients are also able to add their travelling companions to the policy if they choose to do so.

Travel Insurance
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