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We are very pleased to announce that Polish boarders are now open and our clinic is ready to host you. We are taking bookings from June 2020 onwards. We would like to assure you that our work, appointments and procedures are carried out with the greatest care and all safety precautions.

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Cosmetic surgery abroad – why Poland?

People considering cosmetic surgery abroad face a huge problem: which country to choose. The most popular overseas directions are: Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Tunisia, India and last but not least Poland. There are at least several reasons why to choose Poland:

  • First and foremost Poland joined European Union in 2004. This event triggered many social and legal changes. Polish medical sector is now more predictable, better equipped and does not differ so much from “western” standards.
  • Poland is the country with a deep-rooted European tradition and life style. In contrast to such countries like India or Tunisia, in Poland a patient has a feeling of safety and is not surprised by different culture, tradition or behaviour.
  • In Poland all cosmetic surgeons have to obtain 2nd specialization degree in plastic surgery. It usually means that plastic surgeon has at least 30 years of study and practice. Many of them are actually registered in the UK or other western countries and periodically operate abroad.
  • Transport to and from Poland is not a problem nowadays. There are many low-cost airlines servicing many airports in Poland. You can also fly to Berlin and then travel for example to Szczecin (where my clinic is located) as it takes only 2 – 3 hours by car.
  • A knowledge of English language has recently risen dramatically in Poland. Doctors and medical staff speak English fluently.
  • In Poland MRSA cases are very rare and in private clinics there is no MRSA problem at all.
  • Last but not least prices in Poland are very attractive. In comparison to British or Irish prices patient may save from 40% up to 70% of western price, even if transportation and accommodation are taken into account.
If you think of liposuction surgery abroad – consider Poland. Call us 0048 603 77 99 39 or contact us. We will present you our offer and prepare free surgeon's consultation.

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