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Face lift – post operative recommendations

  • The change of the dressing – in every second day (wounds should be cleansed with perhydrol liquid and salicylic spirit (alcohol)
  • It is advised to change the dressing in sterile dispensary;
  • The stitches removal – 10 days after the operation;
  • The ointment to liquor the scarfs should be used for 3 weeks;
  • You should avoid high temperatures for 6 months;
  • During the first 3 months: sun-bathing, solarium and sauna are forbidden;
  • 3 weeks after surgery scarfs should be greased with Dermatix ointment (twice a day);
  • For 3 weeks from your surgery every (even simple) activity, that requires physical efford like: cleaning, vaccuming or washing is forbidden;
  • For 6 weeks from surgery you cannot practise any sport that reguires physical efford, like: aerobics, fitness, swimming etc.
  • Regular control at your General Practitioner; after 3 months from the surgery you should have a medical control with your surgeon;
  • Patient received a prescribtion for / Patient was given medication from Clinic:
    • Painkiller medication: Ketonal (in case of pain)
    • Ointment with antibiotic: BETADINE or NITROFURAZON
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