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Thigh lift plastic surgery

Thigh lift is a plastic surgery procedure dedicated to remove excess skin in the area of the thighs and improve their shape and contours, giving a proportional look. Thigh lift, like other cosmetic surgeries, can be performed separately or as a combined procedure, such as liposuction, in order to achieve better results.

Thigh lift procedureThe surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia.

In order to remove the excess skin and correct thighs, the surgeon makes an incision in the inner part of every thigh, directing it down, so that the scars are naturally hidden. After the operation, a special medical bandage is applied to protect the wound and improve the healing process as well as reduce swelling and bruising. After the surgery, patients receive painkillers and antibiotics to increase recovery and prevent infections. A stay in the clinic after the surgery usually lasts 2-3 days. Stitches are removed after approximately 8-10 days.

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As with other plastic surgeries, patients may experience hypersensitivity in the corrected area as well as stiffness. All symptoms should disappear after a few weeks. It is advised to avoid heavy exercise or hard work for at least 4-8 weeks. Due to the fact that this area of the body works very intensively on an everyday basis, it is important to use appropriate ointments that will help heal wounds and make scars less visible.

Thigh lift gives visible, long-lasting results, improves our look and enhance self image.