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How to choose a plastic surgeon?

It is a big and difficult decision to make when you’re deciding to have a plastic surgery. After confirming our devotion to having a surgery, one of the most crucial ones is choosing your plastic surgeon. I would like to share with my readers my opinions on this subject. First, we have to focus on one important thing, which is a specialization. You should pick a plastic surgeon who specializes in plastic surgeries, not a general surgeon or any other doctor. Plastic surgery is a young field of medicine, which is why experience is of the highest value. A plastic surgeon who is experienced, has been working in the field for many years and working continuously throughout his career.

When we choose a plastic surgeon, we should ask him which are his most preferable surgeries, the ones in which he has the most expertise. It happens that some surgeons are excellent at nose corrective surgeries, but they do not feel comfortable with liposuction, or are specializing in complicated abdominoplasty but do not do face lifts, etc. After careful studies on surgeon’s specialization and experience, if we decide he is ‘our favourite’ we need to see him for consultation. Consultation will help us get to better know the doctor we have chosen. If during consultation, the patient feels comfortable and safe with his doctor and feels that he can trust him, it is an excellent sign. Otherwise, if after meeting our doctor we feel that we haven’t got enough information or that we have not been completely understood by him, we can always pick another doctor and see him for consultation to verify our experience. A thoughtful and wise choice of plastic surgeon is already a halfway success to realizing our dream.

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