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What to take to the clinic when getting ready for the surgery?

One of the most common questions (and so obvious for a woman) is: What to take to clinic with me?

When getting ready for treatment, it is crucial to remember how we will be feeling after leaving the clinic. So, it is important to bring comfortable, loose clothing. Also, even though it is commonly known that our bodies look their best in high heels, it is not recommended to wear high heels right after the surgery. It is best to wear sport shoes or flat shoes, in which our movement will not be restricted.

Loose, comfortable clothing is the best option, as our bodies may be swollen and sensitive after the surgery. So, dear ladies, the first rule is comfortable clothing. We should also remember that right before the surgery we will be asked to remove our makeup (unfortunately) and check our nails, so they should be free of covering nail enamel (see-through enamel, tips nails and gels are allowed). It is also good to remember to take a shower Right before the surgery, as we will be advised to avoid showers and baths for a few days after the surgery (oops… 😉)

Another important thing is the bag that we will bring with us. We should find in it: loose comfortable pyjamas, slippers and some beauty products. If we have a way to calm down and relax our nerves (music, book), it is worth to bring them along. For example, many women bring their favourite staffed toys or simply a person (partners, husbands, mothers) with whom we feel comfortable and calm. It is important to remember for our bag not to be too heavy, as after the surgery we are not allowed to lift or carry heavy objects. But most importantly, dear ladies, in my opinion the most important things that we absolutely cannot forget about are: optimism, positive attitude and a big smile.

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