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What is a stay at the clinic like? Part 1.

After the surgery, we wake up in our room, usually not remembering much. Patients are usually sleepy, and some time must go by before full consciousness returns. During that time, the best thing to do it to allow our body to rest. Right after waking up, patients do often feel hungry and thirsty, but we are still not allowed to eat or drink, and we need to wait for the opinion of a nurse or the doctor. In addition to that, we need to remember that throughout that time, it is the nurses’ responsibility to keep us safe and comfortable. If we need the urge to use the bathroom, or need to change, the nurses are there to help us.

The following day, we can eat and drink. Very often it happens that patients get antibiotics right after the surgery, so we need to remember that different people react to them differently. It may happen that the antibiotic will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, so we need to avoid foods that may trigger such reaction, like dairy. After the surgery, patients get needed medicine and help at the clinic. On the last day, the patient gets their discharge card with basic information about the surgery: who conducted the procedure, how long the patient stayed in the clinic, and so forth. Additionally, each patient is informed verbally about their treatment after the surgery. This is crucial information, as they will keep us informed on how to behave during the recuperation period. And the last thing is the prescription of the drugs that the patient has to be taking at home.

It is important to remember that after leaving the clinic, one needs to remember to always call or contact your consultant in case of any doubts. The most common doubts usually turn out to be a natural part of the recuperation. Nonetheless, it is always better to ask, and be certain that recuperation is going well.

Additionally, it is always nice to see a patient come back for his check-up after the surgery.

Dear patients, a plastic surgery clinic is a place where patients must feel safe and be well. Until the decision about the surgery is made, a patient meets only a part of medical staff. Only after the surgery does the patient realize how much good organization, teamwork, knowledge and experience came from all its staff. A good clinic means a good team that has only one interest: the well-being of its patients.

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