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All Inclusive Liposuction Package up to 8 liters of fat tissue

Liposuction (also called Lipoplasty) is a body shaping procedure. It involves removing excess of fat tissue which slims, reshapes and improves body contours. Liposuction abroad The best candidates for the procedure are healthy women and men who have a firm and elastic skin but their body has disproportionate contours because of wrong located fat tissue. The procedure is performed in general anaesthesia. In case of some small amounts of fat tissue and body area it can be performed under local anaesthesia but it happens very rarely. Liposuction involves small incisions, infusion of a special liquid and then inserting so called cannula to loosen excess fat tissue and finally suct out the fat. Read more about liposuction procedure...

Up to 8 liters liposuction (few parts of a body) all inclusive package from €1910 / £1640

Included in the package:

  • pre-operative consultations including direct consultation with your plastic surgeon
  • all necessary examinations including blood tests (if necessary also electrogardiogram and chest x-ray)
  • the surgical procedure
  • medications and general anaesthesia
  • medical care including nurses and fluent English speaking surgeon
  • post-operative check-ups
  • 3 days stay in the clinic
  • all meals and drinks
  • special elastic garment to wear after the procedure
  • personal assistant
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