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Liposuction is not a slimming surgery.

Very often I am being asked by my clients: “I would like to lose some kilograms that I cannot cope with myself. Could you please recommend a good doctor who conducts a liposuction surgery?”, or “How many kilograms I will lose after having taken away 4 to 5 litres during a liposuction surgery?” My answer always sounds as follows: a liposuction is not a slimming surgery. What is a liposuction then and what we can expect from it?

Liposuction surgery is also known as Power Assisted Lipoplasty (Micro Aire). The purpose of this operation is to decrease the panniculus adiposus in subcutaneous tissue. The operation is not a slimming method but it models silhouette and improves the shape of definite parts of the body. The fatty tissue's aspiration can be done from every part of the body and it can be connected with other operations. The surgery consists of probe insertion to 1-3 side foramens, and fat aspiration by using the draw-lift pump. Inserted probes aspirate the released fat mechanically or ultrasonically. The aspirated region is determined in a standing position, but the surgery is performed in a supine position. Type of anaesthetic: endotracheal conduction anaesthesia (rarely local anaesthesia). One has to reserve 1 – 2 days for the liposuction.

After the operation a patient has to wear special compression suit to prevent edema and hematoma. The compression must be used directly after the operation for one month and it can be taken off only in toilet. During next two months a patient has to wear it twelve hours a day. Additionally it is always recommended taking massages for two weeks after the operation.

As a result of a surgery patient receives a better shaped part of the body. It means your thighs are much slimmer, your abdomen became more visible or your waist is tighter. Certainly during a surgery an additional fat is removed from his body therefore a patient loses kilograms but, and it is very important to note, in fact one should check the results of a liposuction surgery not by weighting oneself but by looking in a mirror.

When I asked dr Pastucha – a brilliant Polish plastic surgeon – what, in his opinion, kind of advice I should give to people who consider or prepare themselves to have a liposuction surgery, he has told me:

First of all one has to consider medical issues. Medical reason for not being ready to have a liposuction surgery is having a period, expecting a period to start in a very short time, or just having period finished. In addition a patient should not take aspirin for another two weeks. And finally a patient who had vein inflammation is disqualified to this surgery.

Very important matter is to find out as much information about the clinic a person is going to as possible. What is crucial:

  • the amount of surgeries
  • experience and knowledge of the surgeon – he needs to have a specialization in plastic surgery,
  • the method of liposuction, the best one is so called ‘wet method’,
  • equipment that is being used – it is important for “kaniula” - pipe that is used in a liposuction - to be as thin as possible - about 4mm in diameter.

Finally it is extremely important to emphasise, that liposuction is not a slimming surgery, but a surgery that shapes parts of your body. It does not mean though that overweight people cannot use this kind of surgery. The additional fat that is being removed during the operation works like an impulse for a patient and helps him to keep a slimming diet in the future. Thanks to liposuction fat is being reduced from the most difficult parts of the body, patient’s body is nicely shaped and thanks to that it makes further diet more proportional and its results definitely more effective.

Many patients who consider having a liposuction surgery in Poland have doubts in terms of quality of service and safety. I would like to recommend to those people my other article Plastic surgery in Poland – the ten commandments. Being fully responsible for my words I can reassure that plastic surgeries that take place in Poland are as safe as those which take place in Western countries. We have brilliant doctors, perfectly prepared and experienced nursing staff and world standard equipment. In addition prices of surgeries in Poland are very attractive, starting from 1700 Euro for one or two parts of the body. Such a low price is not brought by lower quality of service or lower standards of equipment, but the reason for this is a much lower cost of labor, which we have in Poland. The greatest amount of patients who had their liposuction surgery done in Poland, is very pleased with the results. Those who are not content are people who had wrong expectations towards the surgery.

If you think of liposuction surgery abroad – consider Poland. Call us 0048 603 77 99 39 or contact us. We will present you our offer and prepare free surgeon's consultation.

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