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We are very pleased to announce that Polish boarders are now open and our clinic is ready to host you. We are taking bookings from June 2020 onwards. We would like to assure you that our work, appointments and procedures are carried out with the greatest care and all safety precautions.

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Surgery booked. What next?

Ok, so you have booked in for the surgery in MediConsult. What next? Below we have prepared some tips for our patients and the answers to most frequently asked questions.

What should I take with me to the clinic?
We advice to take to the clinic some casual, comfortable and loose clothes as almost after each surgery treated area is swollen. Also please avoid wearing high heals soon after the surgery and on your way back home. Patients are advised also to take pyjamas, dressing gown and some flip-flops. Very important issue is also a baggage, patients should avoid carrying heavy baggage, therefore only necessary things are advised to take. It is very good idea to take a book with you, some magazines or a DVD with your favourite movie.

How to prepare myself to the surgery?
Preparation for the surgery is connected with providing us with information about your health condition, taken medicines and any previously underwent surgeries. According to such information we can advise to perform additional examinations. In case of smokers, please limit smoking few weeks before the surgery and then during recovery. During two weeks before the surgery patients should not take any aspirin or paracethamol pills, also garlic, Omega3 and vitamine E is not allowed. It is advised to take arnica (a herb) few weeks before and few weeks after the surgery. In case of women: having period on the day of the surgery is not allowed. If the surgery is going to be performed in general anaesthetic please be on empty stomach from the very morning on the day of the surgery (no drinks and food).

What methods of payment are available?
In our clinic payment is done on the day of the surgery, after direct consultation with plastic surgeon. Our clinic has a price list fixed in Polish zloty, nevertheless it is possible to pay in euro, pounds or American dollars. In that case we will convert the money. Payment can be done either in cash or by plastic card. It is possible to do also a wire transfer into our bank account. It should be done at least 3 working days before your arrival. Payment confirmation from your bank would be necessary to show in the clinic on the day of the payment.

How can I get to your clinic?
We help to organise clinic-to-airport transportation. We do not help with airline tickets however we can always advise which airline / airport to choose. Please read how to get to our clinic section. See the google map to find out where exactly our clinic is located.

What are the recommendations after my surgery?
Naturally it depends on the type of the surgery. Click one of the links below to read our recommendations:

Can I contact other patients?
We cannot give you contact to other patients as we protect personal data, but you can always post topic on our forum and possible get answer from other patients. You can also read our testimonials – on the forum as well as on this website.

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